Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Pitchin'.

The one technique that probably gave me the most trouble when I start using it was pitching.  You know how it's supposed to go.  Raise the end of the rod tip from down to up and the bait flies a mile and barely makes a ripple when it enters the water.

How it actually went:  Whip the end of the rod too high, too fast and watch the practice plug get tangled in the tree limbs overhead, or maybe circle around completely and whap you in the back of the head!

I'm  a visual kind of guy, you can tell me how to do it until the Earth runs out of oxygen, but unless I can see it and combine the two, forget about it.  Fortunately, there have been a few videos that have helped me...  refine... my technique, and I wanted to share those with you.

This is the first video that really helped me put it together.

These last two were put out after I was more comfortable with the technique, and after the welts on the back of my head had healed.  They still have some helpful information.

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