Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Northbound - The Invasion Begins

Well.  Very early (ludicrously, perhaps) Thursday morning, when most sane people will still be asleep, my Dad, Uncle, and I will be headed north.  Way north.  No, even farther north than that.

We're headed up to a place that is some 35 miles (k/m??) northeast of Ear Falls, Canada.  We'll be flying out of a lodge based on Confederation Lake to another lake called Perrigo Lake.  The goal is to chase toothy critters (yes toothy critters, because they don't grow bass that far north) around a lake with near zero pressure - pretty nice considering the traffic I'm used to on Bald Eagle Lake here in the cities. 

Am I excited?  Yup.  Drawback:  The only way to get to this lake is by seaplane.  After seeing dozens on Bald Eagle, it's still not my first choice for my first flight, but hey, it'll work.

Reports coming next week - sometime. 

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