Saturday, March 31, 2012

MN Bass Expo

I know that this weekend is the Northwest Sportshow here in Minneapolis, but it seems that there's a new show in town that caters to the basser crowd. 

April 20th-22nd at the National Sports Center in Blaine will be the site of the first annual MN Bass Expo

I think it's a pretty cool idea as it will let me focus on my main fishing passion and take my mind off of all that toothy critter tackle! 

It looks like there are quite a few vendors slated to be there, though I notice a few big names that are missing, namely anyone owned by Johnson Outdoors.  It's odd to me that Humminbird wouldn't be there since bass fishing is becoming ever more dependent on electronics for consistent success and it's a good time to display their new technology to a niche crowd.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to stop by their booth tomorrow at the NW Sportshow to see what's new.

The cool thing is that I see a lot of local tackle makers signed up to, so it should be great to meet some of the people behind my favorite baits!

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