Monday, May 28, 2012

Bass Opener. A Brief Report.

I made it out on Saturday on Bald Eagle with my Dad and brother-in-law (Tom).  I have to say, the wind made things interesting as my Dad and I decided to fish the docks on the wind blown side for a little while before Tom showed up. 

I had tied on a Northstar Custom Jigs Swimjig (bluegill color - naturally since the bluegills are up spawning right now) on one rod and a 1/4oz Beetle Spin on the other and wound up throwing the Beetle Spin the entire time.  We did ok on the windy side of the lake, I caught a few small bass, a crappie, and two nice pike.  Tom called a half hour or so after Dad and I dropped the trolling motor so we went back to the other end of the lake to pick him up.

We decided to switch gears a little bit and fish a couple of the many reed islands the lake has.  I stuck with my Beetle Spin, Dad with a spinner bait, and Tom was throwing a  T-rigged Ring Fry.  We managed a few small bass and another crappie, but nothing really impressive.  By this time we knew that their was a rain storm coming so we started trolling back to the dock.

Now, you always read and hear about fishing a small cut in a weedline, so I threw into one and felt my bait deflect off of a reed.  BAM.  I knew from the hit that it was better than the other fish we had caught that morning.  The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, so here you go:

3lbs 3oz, not awesome by tourney standards but good enough to bring a smile to my face.  We made one more pass by this patch of reeds and then the light and thunder show started.  We fired up the big motor and high tailed it to the dock. 

Unfortunately, we didn't make it back out that afternoon, but I have the week off and the boat is still in the water so there is time to find more big ones. 

Hopefully you all had a productive bass opener outing as well.

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