Friday, June 1, 2012

June '11 to Now.

Like I said in my last "I'm still here post", I haven't had many opportunities to wet a line.  There's been a lot of change since the end of June.  I moved from Cambridge back down to the cities at the beginning of July, which is ok.  But it kind of bites because for some reason or another, the building manager at my apartment won't let me store my boat in the parking lot...  (This problem was solved by buying a place in Blaine.  Boat is happy.)  I also started taking classes at Century last fall and that has been an interestingly nostalgic experience. 

Now that I've got a couple of my bad excuses out of the way, and, as if there was any doubt, I could go on all day with excuses, I am a student after all, I did make it out a few times since June.

Instead of typing up five pages of stuff, I've decided that I'm going to do a pictorial highlight type deal. 

3.5lbs  Caught under a dock on a All Terrain Tackle swim jig.

The Rum.
Caught in a current seam on a Smallie Sweet Beaver  on a shaky head.

Bald Eagle.
 The Bite Was Not On.


After this, I made one trip up north with a friend to chase some smallies like I did last winter but had zero luck. 

I'm hoping to make it out more this year than last, but we'll see how things go.  I've got a future fishergirl on the way and I have a feeling that between baby and school, a lot of my time will be gone.  In any case, I will do my best to post more often.


  1. I'm at the end of two years of grad school myself. Family, work and school leaves no time for fishing! I might not even get the boat out of storage this year. It's a bummer, but I will survive and things will be better in the long run. Hang in there! -MSPbass

  2. Thanks, MSP! She was born this past Friday. What a ride!

  3. We have 3 (2 born at the same time!). I see you posted at 2:36am. Ha! Get some sleep man. You are going to need it! Enjoy your little girl dude.