Sunday, August 26, 2012

Evolve RX - Vibra Grub

I first heard of these lures a few months back when Rich Lindgren had a giveaway for them on his blog and Facebook page.  I had entered and joked that if I won I would review them here, well, needless to say I wasn't able to hold out for the winner to be drawn and ended up buying a couple packs before the contest was over. 

The only experience I have with these are the trip that I took to Canada and another outing with a good buddy to a small lake by Marine on St. Croix.  Not enough to give a full on objective review, but enough to provide a first impression kind of feel.

When I first saw it, my mind immediately went to using it as a swim jig trailer.  However the baits that I picked up are only 3" long (same size as the grubs I use now), so when I tried it the action of the trailer was inhibited by the jig skirt.  I could have "nose hooked" it and probably would have gotten the action I wanted but I was worried about throwing the bait on a cast or having it get bit off on a short strike.  They do make them in 4" so those may provide better action as a jig trailer, in addition to adding a little more bulk.

On the other hand, while in Canada and not having fished swim jigs much on that trip, I put it on a Beetlespin jig and the bait really shined.  The action of the bait is hard to describe except to say that it looks like a couple of fins going crazy as it comes through the water.  Here is a video that demonstrates the action:

The only criticism I have is the packaging.  They come in a tray, which is bulky and is a pain to stow when you are trying to pack light so I ended up storing them in my box of frequently used baits too keep the bulk to a minimum.

Pricing isn't awesome, $5.79 for a pack of 8 baits.  I've paid more for trailers, but not much.  The question is whether or not you get the value for your dollar and while I was in Canada catching toothy critters, the answer to that question was a resounding yes.  The bait handled well after several walleye catches until the flavor of the moment changed and I had to fish another bait.

In conclusion, I have a good feeling about this bait and can't wait to try it out using a couple other techniques if I can get out this coming Labor Day weekend. 

I noticed a few days ago that a better promo video of the Vibragrub has been added:


  1. I cant wait to give them a shot!

  2. They're pretty impressive, Ridgline. Evolve has also posted a new video of the Vibragrub, showing the action a lot better. I'll post the link to it Tuesday night after work.