Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Boat.

I now have a project that will, undoubtedly, last me for the next couple seasons. 

Here's the run down:

She's a 1986 Hydrasport (model unknown) with a 1991 175hp Merc on the back.  I have had experience with this boat in the past so I am fairly comfortable with it now.

Lots of work is in store for her.  New carpet, new seats (which I have), hatches need replacing (will be adding springs of some sort), gelcoat is in dire need of repair, one of the dry storage compartments are cracked, I plan on adding a tackle storage unit in the open section up front.  I'm thinking about a new trolling motor but haven't decided yet - the old one is pretty mangled.  That's not even getting into the trailer...

I am thinking I want the electrical redone, so if anyone knows a local MN guy that can do it - drop me a line.

Here are some before pictures:

Boy, is this going to be fun!

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  1. It is rather what to do to the boat. Do not give up, you can do