Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013. Moving Forward.

It is a new year and I hope that yours has been good so far.  I'm skipping the year-in-review post this year because, frankly,  there really isn't a lot to review.  I was out for a few trips but not enough to really make any headway in my experiences.  Two notable exceptions are the trip I took to Canada and my last open water trip (in the boat) of the year.  Otherwise I had many other things happening that elbowed fishing to the back burner.

This year should be a little bit different.  Having a seasonal camp spot again should help with getting out a little more often this year, so considering that, here are my goals for this year.

  • Find a better balance between family/work/fishing. 
  • Identify three different bass patterns on the Pokegama chain.
  • Work on getting familiar and comfortable using different presentations.  I relied on the swim jig a little too much the past couple years and I think that hindered my success a bit. 
  • Fish five new lakes during ice season.
  • Find some more shore fishing opportunities in the north metro that haven't been beaten to death by others (that being said, Centerville and Pelltier are out).
  • Get the project boat up and running again.  It may not look pretty to begin with, but for right now it only needs to float and run.
 Only time can tell how things will turn out, and finding new shore fishing locales will be a challenge, but I think all of these are certainly possible. 

The nice thing is my first ice trip should be next weekend, so I'll have a start on checking one off the list!

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